Environmental Noise Measurement

Sound Vent offers noise measurement services and advice to clients ranging from property developers, builders, construction managers, architects, planning consultants and environmental consultants.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with particular expertise in the area of ventilation noise covering fan, mechanical and industrial noise sources. We regularly deal with commercial, industrial, institutional and public sector clients, taking on-site measurements and producing detailed assessments and reports.


Accurate Assessment

We are certified to competently undertake environmental noise measurements by the Institute of Acoustics and follow all standards such as BS4142:2014+A1:2019.



Comprehensive Report

We provide an extensive and comprehensive report detailing any exceedances and potential solutions to any noise issues that we have identified.

Cost Effective Solutions

 We can advise you on the most effective solutions to any noise issue and offer relevant quotations from market leading suppliers.

Sound Vent Noise Measurement

Sound Vent offer good quality, practical advice to our clients based on previously experience successfully solving noise problems.

We employ specialist knowledge to select quieter duct design, along with the selection of attenuators, acoustic screens, louvres and enclosures and other noise control measures to meet stringent local authority regulations.

We undertake environmental noise assessments for developments that may generate noise, or residential and the production of noise and vibration.

For more complex noise issues we can refer clients on to experienced acoustic consultants for comprehensive noise modelling and production of noise impact assessments.

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